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Rear Drums


Another newbie question. I hung my rear-end today(1994 S-10) and I tried to remove the drums because I will be replacing everything in there. They won't come off! Is there some trick to get them off? The e-brake cables have been cut off at the backing plate. Is there an adjuster somewhere I need to loosen? HELP! PLEASE
Yeah, I just went out to the garage and could see the adjuster. Do I need a special tool to do this?

If you look at the adjuster it is held by the little flipper hooked to a cable.If you can push this with a screwdriver away from the adjuster then they should back off other wise they should not turn back. If you have a newer version with the slot above the axle the holder is a little harder to get at but must be released to back off brakes. here is the newer version.
SUCCESS!!!! Got one off. Got to rest before I start on the other one. Man! There sure is a lot of rust in there. I sprayed WD-40,loosened the shoes and hammered the crap out of it, pryed and pryed, and it finally popped off! I sure hope the other one is not that hard.
On old rear ends ive found i try the easyest one first and the next one beats the crap out of me.I end up heating the axle flange area and beating the snot out of it.just the way i do it
Be careful with that brake dust, it is hazardous to your lungs. Don't blow it all over in the air, use a moist rag to clean to catch the dust.
Alright, got the other one off. Now, can someone tell me what size nut, on the backing plate, holding the wheel cylinder, is? I'm afraid it is metric, and, of course, I don't have one!
Never mind about the size of the nut. I went back out there and sweat about a gallon getting that goofy clip off the back of the wheel cylinder! Dayum! Why did chevy have to make that so hard to get off? Maybe ya have to have a special tool for that, too.

Does anyone have a drum brake diagram of how everything goes back in there? (1994 S-10) Or should I go get a repair manual for this truck?
Thanks, Ron. I sure needed to hear that! I better double up on my meds before I start working on that.
Thanks, Ron. I sure needed to hear that! I better double up on my meds before I start working on that.

Found this I knew a socket worked couldnt remember the size you will have to move the line for this though.

For round retainer type wheel cylinders, position the cylinder and hold it in place with a wooden block between the cylinder and the axle flange. Carefully seat the new retainer clip, using a 1[sup]1[/sup]/[sub]8[/sub] in. 12-point socket and socket extension (to help preserve your fingers). The socket is used to assure that the retainer seats evenly.

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