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1962 Pontiac 11" rear drum

23 T 4sp

I was told this is the year of my brakes. There are no parking brake parts in the drum. After researching seems like Pontiac is not popular. The main problem is the way the E brake cable is attached to the backing plate. It uses a removable piece of metal. Unlike the gm version with just the hole. The stock Pontiac E brake cable is way to short to use and the universal cable nut is to big for that seperate metal adapter. I can post pictures later.
We never use the E-bakes in our T-buckets. For me not having one would not be a problem, your mileage may vary.
I have one on mine, it allows for a back up if your other brakes fail .also good to put on at car shows if some one mess s with your car .
I don’t have one on my bucket. Even on cars that I have owned that had one, I never used it. Automatic trans cars I just put in park. Manual trans cars I just leave in gear when it’s parked. Same with my bucket.

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