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Rear Ends

one finger john

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O.K. , obviously I was not clear in what I was asking. Until recently a person could buy from the NASCAR shops surplus parts for reasonable prices. I was looking at the differentials and they were advertised as having either a centered pinion shaft (dead nuts in the center of the diff), or having the carrier centered with the pinion slightly off-set. Which would be better in a roadster?
Also they gave you the choice of either a floating rear end (axles did not have a flange to mount the wheel) or a standard axle that the wheel bolted to. Obviously the floater would be safer if the axle broke. What are everyones opinions on these two options?

should not really matter other than looks. I had Moser build me 9" so that the housing was centered and that it would look better spaced inside my buggy spring. Figured it would look funny when looked at from behind with the housing offset 2" to one side. Only thing that happens is whether the driveshaft goes straight back or is offset 2" if the housing is centered. Just MAKE SURE your u-joint is well lubricated regularly.
I would go for the centered carrier, just for looks. A lot of folks use the S10 rearends (me included). They have the centered carrier/offset pinion and have no problems that I know off. Mine works pretty good with a 12" driveshaft.

One thing to think about with the floating axles. Make sure that the wheels you want to use will clear the bearing housing on the hub.


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