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Rear Shock Mounts


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I built my frame from your drawings but recently I have noticed in some of the photos of your frames that the rear shock frame brackets have an extra set of ears that are midway up the side of the frame. Mine only have the ones under the frame. What am I missing?
Thanks much,
Gary Bonnell
Hi Gary,

The outer set of holes are only for the coil-over shocks. The panard bar is not effected.
Those are to allow you to lower the ride height of the car and stand the shock up a bit straighter for a firmer ride.
What you have is fine, no need to worry.

CCR rear suspension detail 5.jpg 21602 tgdszd $.jpg 21602-PS tgdszd $.jpg
Thank you Resinator, I have one more question. I made my kick up 6" longer for the sportdeck and welded the shock mounts to the frame 3 1/4" from the rear of the rails per the drawing. The drawing also said for the sportdeck, make the radius rods 43 1/4". I did that but the center of the rear end housing is 2" forward of the center of the panhard bar brackets. The front heim is out 1 1/2" and the rear ones are out 2 !/2". I must have messed up somewhere.
You help is most appreciated.

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