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Ride and repair.


Ok here it goes, the first day we rode about 15 miles and noted that my fuel gauge no longer worked so I broke out the tool kit and found a broke wire from the coil overs not being strong enough. Repaired and gone.

Went about another 20+ and Sam had a real bad oil leak on passenger valve cover so while we finished lunch I broke out the tools and fixed it at the Bojangles parking lot.

Then after about another 20 I noticed that Tom and Sam's brake lights didn't work for some reason. Come to find out Tom's had a cut and was repaired and Sam's just needed an adjustment to the switch. And of course I had to re do my fuel line from the sagging coilovers. So off we went.

Coming out of Kenly my Alt went south. Again I broke out the tools and replaced her with a new one that Sam and Kat went to buy.

At about 120 miles I had a bad tranny leak but kept driving. At the shop I pulled the tranny for the 2nd time and replaced the front seal and pump housing bearing.

I then replaced the tranny pan gasket and removed the new kick down cable since it would not seal. Now no more leak.

As for this weekend prior to leaving we had to do some serious alignment work on Sam's ride, looked over everything again and off to Va we went. My new coilovers would not be in till Monday so I had to suffer.

Part way to Va my speedo cable tip broke off and Sam's ran a little warm.
When we got back home we did our repairs on Sam's.

Today my new coil springs came in so I mounted them along with a new speedo cable. I then installed a interior light and power outlets into Tom's ride. We drove around today after the show and tell at my kids school and man oh man what a difference in the new coilovers. See I had 225lbs springs and they would bottom out very easy. Since my car tipped the scale at 2340lbs I ordered the 500lbs and they work great.

I really like bringing back the old school hot rod ideals of WE work on and look out for each others cars when needed in the true HOTROD tradition. Since I have the biggest trunk space I carry the tools and such and off we go.

Keep Hot Rodding alive by helping out your fellow Rodder when you can.
Isn't fun being able to fix your car with this new crap it would be call a tow truck.
Yogi, we will be coming up Sunday to help out so be ready. List what all needs to be done to get her running and ready so we can start checking them off as we do them.
Takes a while to get all the bugs out, and dial in the suspension, the engine tuning is also a drive and test thing, as the book is not ment for a T Bucket, or much of anything else, for that matter, These are a horse of a different color, a very special breed... THE BEST!!!!! :)
:thumbsup::thumbsup:ACE your the guy that all other guys wana be like. I admire anyone that makes these kinda memories with their family. So many guys jump on their bike and take off you found a way to take everyone along for the ride. This is what hotrodding has to be.:)
To EACH his own, that is what makes people who they are... Some like the company, some travel alone, time and space is a needed thing for many, a great way to clear one's head from the hassles of everyday life.. The GREAT escape, so to speak.. :)

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