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ride height


New Member
can i get a measurement from the top of the rear axle to the bottom of the frame rail at ride weight,my frame is based on a total performance and has a 7 inch kik up. im still in the mock up stage and i think im gonna need more kick up than 7 inches .i think its gonna be to high in the back for my taste
thanks for any advise on this
Here is a diagram of my kick up. There is a 3/4" urethane bumper that allows 2" of travel and I have yet to bottom out. I know that my car sits lower than a lot of guys prefer but that is what I like.



I hope that this helps you.

thanks exjunk that helped a lot.your ride height is just what im lookin for :hooray:
Yes, looks great. You can always lift her up a bit on the coilovers if you like a little bit more rake, but its hard to make it lower if the kickup is too shallow.

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