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RocknT changes


Well I have been busy,,
I asked a lot of questions about Torque Converters and settled on a Boss Hog 3400. Wow talk about waking up and engine ! I had never ran a aftermarket one before and it is fun to say the least .
I had the Comp Cam Mutha Thumper and could not get it to quit loading up during idle no matter how I jetted the carb,,so it came out and it now has a RPM cam .. Talk about a tire burner LOL man this new stuff is fun ,,:lol:
I got the air cleaner from Brucer and it looks right at home way better than the one I had originally ,,
My radiator took a dump literly ,,lol,,and I got the Aluminum one off e-bay , it came in bent on one side but it is ok for now ,,I had asked how to mount the electric fan to it with out the wire ties through the radiator and came up with these bracket's but during a test drive it would move a little so I just put a spot of silicon in a few places and now it is solid .
Thats about it for now,,I am having a blast with this little car . I hope to have all my goals done this summer so I can tear it down and paint everything this winter.
For all the input from the guy's here on The Forums ...
Well the internet hates me tonight I cant post post pics here but maybe this will let you it ..


Rooking gud!:D

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