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running a stick in my T????

chopper tom

Hey guys, i wanna run a chevy saginaw 3 or 4 speed in my T.
Do any of you run a stick in your chevy t's,i need some ideas and pics of clutch pedals??
I dont wanna run a hydro clutch, just a z bar and simple as possible .if that is possible ?
Some pics would be great!??
I don't have any pics of mechanical Clutch linkage in a T. I don't think it would be too bad of a job. Why couldn't you simply scale down a regular Chevy bellcrank and make a bracket for the ball on the frame and clamp it to the frame and see how it lays out. The bellcrank will be kinda narrow because the frame is narrow, but I don't see why it wouldn't be pretty straight foreward.
This is one of those ideas that ya kinda have to sit there and look at for quite a while and take good notes of your ideas ! try different things til it works out. I did that on my shift linkage for the Caddy trans...It's rather backwards, I had to redirect the linkage....
I had a Saginaw 4spd once, with GM was forever getting stuck in two gears ! Especially after I backed out of the driveway and shifted into 1st gear. There I sat, clutch smokin, linkage stuck, gears locked up....Pain in the butt ! I miss that ol 64 Nova..."BH":cry:
Look at the way Ford did the frame mounted ball on a '40 or so. It's just a ball with a mounting tab forged into it. It could be a real problem solver for you.

Photoman said:
Go here and click on the "4 Speed T Bucket" link...

Perfect man !!!!!! I think that i can do that! I absolutly'' hate '' an auto matic tranny .every thing that i T.i hope that this works for me.
Thanksw guys!
I wasn't going to say anything about a stick, but I can't in good conscience let this go by without this observation.

I was going to put a stick in my bucket, but was talked out of it by a member of our local club. He had a 4-speed in his bucket and changed it out for a slush box. He said that driving his T around town was a major pain in the butkus! He said he would avoid events that involved slow-speed cruising or stop-and-go driving because of the stick. He also couldn't do burnouts because the T would "skip" down the road (his word).

I would suggest you look into a manual shift slush box if you like stirring the gears.
I know you said you don't want a hydraulic clutch but have you considered a hydraulic throwout bearing instead? They are simple and you won't need to worry about linkage adjustment. Just a thought.
I had forgotten all about the HTOB. A few years ago I was in the process of putting a Chevy V6 w/T5 in an MGB. There are a lot of these conversions around and 99% of them go this way. I will be putting a stick in my T. I can't believe I had forgotten about this simple fix. Howe was the HTOB of choice for the MGs.
Bruce up in Milwaukee has a Muncie 4 speed in his bucket, has Golf Clubs for pedals!

Although he often offered to let me drive I never took him up on it. I wanted my first drive to be MY bucket... I know - silly me.

Somewhere I have pics of his setup... probably on an old Packard Bell 486 computer I used back in 1998 LOL.
When I was in high school a kid and his dad built a Fad T. It had a 54 Ford V8 and 3 speed. I rode in it a few times and he offered to let me drive it once but I was a lot bigger than him and I would have to have cut my leg off or put a hole through it to accommodate the Fenton shifter. If I tried to move my leg around it I couldn't reach the gas pedal. Needless to say I was disappointed.
I plan on running a 4 or 5 speed in my car. (Which hasn't been started on yet.) Here are a few pictures I have collected.



I'm glad you asked about the HTOB Al. Now I won't have to. Danged new fangle contraptions anyhow.

Boy am I glad I picked that one up right away now I wont be so backward about askin when I dont get it. Which is pretty often. :eek: :confused: :lol: Francis
Bill, that turquoise bucket is nice! Modern drivetrain and very detailed car.

Say...whoever shot those pics sure did a good job! ;)
I'm going to use a Tremec 5 speed in my new one. It's on order so not quite ready for a mock up yet. I know it's going to be a bit tight but I like a challenge. Prop shaft's going to be a bit short lol. I've gone for a Quicktime bellhousing as it looks like it might give a bit more foot room, but I may be wrong. As soon as it all turns up I'll post some pictures.
My old one is manual (not Chevy) and the pedals are quite close, I have to be careful what shoes I drive in!
I used an extra brake pedal for a clutch pedal and mounted it on the same stud as the brake pedal. If you are using an HTOB, it would be simple to run a pushrod from the clutch pedal to the clutch master cylinder.

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