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S10 - Blazer rearend

I think it is just a 4X4 rear that you need.
The 4X4 rear is wider than the 2WD by about 4" if I remember correctly. I used the 2WD unit in mine because I did not want or need the extra width.


You don't happen to have the overall (wheel to wheel) dimensions of both the drum and disk rearend housings do you? Got a project in the wings and I need to find a suitable rear housing.

I believe that the 2WD is 48" and the 4X4 is 52" backing plate to backing plate. You need to add about 6" to that to get wheel to wheel mounting dimension. To get it any closer, I'll have to jack it up and remove the wheels. But if that will help, I'll be more than glad to oblige.

I had the narrow S-10 and it was 54.5" wheel-mounting surface to wheel-mounting surface. I read somewhere that the 4x4 rear-end is 58.5", but don't hold me to that.
Thanks to all of you for the information. This puts me close enough for government work and a customer quote. Again, thanks a lot.


I own a 95 4x4 ZR2 so if you like I can get you dimensions for the drums.

Here is some more useful info.

All ZR2's 94-98 should have an 8.5" rear diff.
Mid year 99 GM switched from the 8.5" axle to the 8.625" axle.
All ZR2's 00-05 should have the 8.625" axle.

Now I am not sure they switched for the reg 4x4's but its probable that they did.
Surprisingly, they take a fair amount of abuse too. I understand the same rear was used in Camaros. I keep hoping my heavy foot doesn't take out the gears in mine. I'd really hate to weld new brackets on and paint a new rear axle for my T.:eek:


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