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Salt Flat Article

Steam engines are fun to play around with. I'll have to share this with a neighbor of mine who built a few table top steam engines and got me hooked on them. I'd never heard of a steam racer and as far as I knew Stanley Steamer cleaned carpets.
First mechanical thing I ever built... a single cylinder steam engine fired with lighter fluid (you need to be old enough to remember Zippos to know what I'm talking about). Bought the kit from an ad in Popular Mechanics in 1960, when I was 12.
Lee, you don't need to be that old to remember Zippo lighters. Mine has an Oilers football helmet painted on it. (Shown in the center of pic along with my 3 steam engines.)


Check out some Zippo lighter tricks.

[ame="[media=youtube]Duj_g0WuQF8[/media]"]YouTube - Zippo Lighter Tricks[/ame]
One of my associates in Scotland

built a working scale steam locomotive. he said many of the pieces had to be machined using magnifying glasses. I'd like to see it one day. Where does one find lighter fluid steam engines as in the pic above?

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