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Say what ya what about the new NASCAR cars

I don't really watch NASCAR as much as I used to. The cars are nothing like the ones in the showrooms, which was part of the fun of watching it, when I was a kid. Heck, I kinda stopped keeping track of results when King Richard retired. Just ain't the same as it used to be. Too much money involved now, I guess.

But, I do have to commend them on making the cars safer for the drivers. That will always be a good thing. I look back at the old videos and see the guys racing in jeans and a T-shirt and ya gotta wonder what the thought process was. Were they brave men or kinda crazy? Crazy in a cool way, of course!:dance:
Yup, gone are the days of the big-blocks, no restrictor plates, the days when Buddy Baker set the single lap average speed record of 201 mph in a winged it seems like a hollywood production.
The evolution of "stock cars" has grown by leaps and bounds since the original dirt tracks. Yes it is somewhat strange in a way to identify with a car that sorta resembles what you drive, but it's still a great sport. Thanks to the construction of the COT cars, seats, hanns device, and the safety barrier, drivers have a better chance of surviving a crash like we just witnessed.
more than that

"that was a 70mph change in vehical speed on impact"

It was estimated he hit the wall almost dead-on at 165 mph. And stopped in about a foot. THEN the wall deflected and he bounced of going sideways and started the barrel rolls. I want to see the offical reports of the info collected out of the impact and data recorders.

That wreck is precisely why they do not race STOCKCARS anymore. The days of going to the dealership and buying a car and putting in a rollbar and go racing is LONG GONE. To see the wreck of Dale Earnhart, Adam Petty, Geoff Bodine, etc, then to see the wreck this past weekend and see Micheal Mc Dowell let the window net down, climb out and WALK away just shows you what this new COT is all about.

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