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Saying Hey, to all Vets!


I just wanted to say thanks and
Happy Memorial Day to all the
active duty and vets in the group!
Thank You Sir,
U.S. Army--1964 to 1971
Not too bad, Never made the big show.
1 year Korea
2 years Germany
1 year training Nco fort knox,Ky. (tanks)
1 year fort Bliss,Tx.testing new systems (missiles)
1 year fort Lewis, HQ and HQ Co.

Could have been much worst, But, As most Vets will tell ya, Might not
be pretty, But wouldn't trade the experiances.
Thanks for the Thanks!

George Cathey
US Army 1964-1970

Thanks, U.S.Navy 62-68 2nd class Petty officer, River Rat Mekong Delta and Blue Water Navy

I might have flown cover over your AO as we were in the Rungsat (spelling) quite a bit. Always liked those brown water gun boats!

Heck, you should have stopped by and pulled up a dry spot to sit on. To this day I am not comfortable without a can of athletes foot powder nearby. I even used it on the jock problems we all had.

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