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Score? Jag Rearend


I phoned a guy today about a 1985 Jag rear ,he said I can have the the rear end or whole car for $200:D (ex Cali. car ,no rust) 4.2 motor is blown interior has dry rot. I'll probably take just he rear end as it's going to cost about $200-300 to tow the car up here(55 miles away). Now the questions I warned you about are coming, (1) Does anyone know of any problems with the '85 models(Dana 44?) ie. bearing issues, faulty ring and pinion or carriers etc.? (2) The shocks ,are they going to be to stiff ,I've seen others with the stock shocks, would draining 1 on each side to soften the ride?

Thanks in advance, Kim

ps,. A big old "sorry", I should look further than my nose, I found the post by Youngster ,it helped a lot, but would still like to know if there are any "issues" with that year of rear diff.

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