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Sectioned '32 Grill insert?


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Hello, has anyone here cut up and tacked back together the aftermarket '32 grill inserts? I've previously section an aftermarket '32 grill shell, and purchased a pre-made insert. This time I'd like to go even shorter which would mean modifying the insert too. Any hints, tips or tricks to tackling the project? Thanks!
The insert is coming to be the problem. May think about custom building insert. The Street Rod 101 dvd showed how to put stainless tubes in a glass shell but you could do the same with a steel shell. How short does it have to be?
I bought lengths of 1/8 x 1/4 bar stock, cut them to size and glued them on edge to the back of the fiberglass grill shell. Mine are painted but you could get the stock chromed before installing. That is a Model A grill shell, but you get the idea.

I made the insert for my roadster out of 1/8th piano wire. The wire spacing was made from 1/8 x1/2 flat bar and drilled for each wire.
32 Grill.JPG
Working on the Sectioned/Shortened '32 grill:

Using a 2nd aftermarket steel '32 grill, cutting it in half to weld the lower apron section to the original painted top section.

The original grill was already an inexpensive steel grill off ebay, previously cut up, sectioned 4.5" and welded back together before paint. The grill insert is from Speedway, their "lo-boy" insert for 4.5" sectioned grill shells.

The grill inserts shipped with the ebay grills are total garbage. Every bar bent right out of the box, they don't even lend themselves to being cut up and shortened. However....

The 2nd grills lower apron section is a different shape then the original grill, the Speedway lo-boy insert doesn't match the apron shape of the 2nd grill. The insert shipped with the grill does match.

Cut off the Speedway insert lower grill surround, cut 3" from the grill bar pieces. Lined up the lower surround from the other grill insert and tacked into place.

Now to finish shaping things up, welding together, grinding smooth and blending semi-gloss black into the top section for a 7.5" total sectioned '32 grill on a Bucket.

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