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hey look at that im a Senior Member
i want to thank all the little people who
helped me get where im at lol
jus kiddin of course
i am totaly undeserving
keep up the good job guys
Now we all get a discount on food every Tuesday from 4-6 PM.........oh wait, that's DENNY'S and I HOP. :eek::lol::lol:


I'm looking forward to my AARP discount on my motorcycle insurance this year. :cool:
Yup, along with bein a senior, comes the "Depends"....crusty ears, smellin like a goat, Oxygen Bottles and wheelchairs. LOL
Be carefull what ya wish for.......
My wife thought being an AARP member would be great ,because when we travel, the hotel people always ask if we are AARP members we can get a didcount.
Problem is, AARP gives money to the anti gunners, and I happen to be a member of the NRA.....Kinda one offsetting the other, but we do get a few bucks off the motel "BH"
Thanks BH, but I'm not wishing for it. Its just that getting older is better than the alternative. :lol:

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