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Setting Shock Height And Angle

Hey Guys,

I have 9" chrome pro shocks from Speedway I bought. What is a good rule of thumb for setting ride height adjustment? I know the car has to be loaded down in the front. The reason...I am building brackets for the top of the shock to mount to. How far out should they be pulled out and then pushed in to set the ride height and what is a good angle to set then at?

Thanks, T-Bucket Bob :hooray:
here is the chart from speedway...


I was not able to find 9 inch, but as you can see from these charts, they are recommending ride height to be about half way between compressed and extended... I have a tendency to agree with Fluidfloyd on his take that you error to the side of move available compression than less... up to 2/3 anyway...
You know, this is a hard question to answer not seeing what we are working with.. A 9" shock is really short, so you probably should mount it as far back from the ft axle as you can, and slant it back at the top as well, so it will not have to move as far/much as the axle does.. And if you mount it this way, remember to point the mounting pins/bolts the same as the axle, so the shocks will not get into much of a bind... (if your spring bounces good, that is) but yes give yourself more room for weight, as the car will go down more than you figure... so, short the top spacing.

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