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Shes finally done!!!!!!


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I spent around 30 hours thursday and friday and I got the old bird running and then went and got it inspected Saturday morning. I will be going to get my tags today or tomorrow so I can drive on the road legitimately. I left my digital camera at home so I will post some better pictures later. Here are a couple pics from my phone...
No, but, if you have a windshield then you have to have wiper blades... if its 1960 and newer, you still dont have to have a windshield but you wipers have to work.
Man you are on the road and that all that Matters . BUT dove hunter you need a WS. that would really change the look . I think a Lay back WS would look supercool. You can make the posts your self. I really like how the fuel tank looks thats cool. Where are the Lakes???????
I have the spirit windshield, I just need to get the glass... I didnt put it on because I didnt get a wiper blade and I couldnt get it inspected so I just left it off for the time being. I am going to send it a shop to get it put on in a couple weeks....

Since the lakesters wouldnt pass inspection, I borrowed those headers from a friend so I could pass inspection. TX laws stated that the end of the tail pipe has to be aft of the driver so i couldnt use them. I need to order some baffles for the lakesters before I put them on but as soon as they come in, the Lakesters will be on the car!!!

It drives so soft down the road and I am thoroughly impressed with it, I love watching the fron suspension while im driving down the road!!!
Looks like a fun retro rod, but how are you going to keep the bugs off your teeth, while your smillin and driven?.
Looks like a fun retro rod, but how are you going to keep the bugs off your teeth, while your smillin and driven?.

Jim Carey quote-Me, Myself, and Irene
It's a great time of year to ride,
Long as you don't mind one or two bugs.
Some tribes would consider that "breakfast".
Congradulations and thanks for the video. I can't wait to post my first RIDE! :cool: Don't worry about the bugs there free.
Me thinks we ought to change your nic to bughunter .. congrats .. that first ride is amazin huh?

Good one youngster "bughunter":rifle:
This is bug hunter before and after a ride:pilot:. HA HA
Hell Tim, Im still not done... I just got it done enough so I can actually get it on the road and drive it. For example, the coilovers that I got are too short, I need longer ones but they work okay for now.

Thanks Guys for yalls help!!!!

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