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Shock installation complete


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It's late, it's cold, and I'm tired... But I got it done and I took a test drive already. It rides nice and smooth and handles welll.
Now that's a nice clean setup.
I like that, where did you get it ? I just may do that myself.
Nice job on the fab work and install.
Nice job! I'm glad to see that you came to your senses about the need for front dampening. You have done an excellent job.
No no, I wish I had an over night chrome shop, LOL! the upper half of the shock towers are part of the previous assembly from last year. One of the shock tower's mysteriously got it's leg's cut off when I wasn't' looking. so to repair it and have them both the same, I had to cut the other one and re-build the the bottoms of them so the would be symmetrical on both sides. I finished them up on the bottom half with a light coat of rattle can Chrome in a can Dupli-Color.

In picture #2 (center) thats Dupli-colors Chrome in a rattle can.

You can see in pic #1 (top) where the chrome ends and where the rattle can chrome begins.

Pic #3 (bottom) just shows how dirty my T-bucket is, LMAO!!!


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