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Well, my search for coil over shocks continues. While trolling Ebay, I came across these.


They are used for VW sand buggys with independent rear suspension so I think they might work. They are about 2" LONGER than what is sold by Total, however, they are adjustable. Now, my thinking is that I should be able to lower the spring rate, which will also lower the height of the shock. If I'm wrong please let me know.

I checked the manufacturer and they have them NEW and CHROMED (rat rodders nightmare) for $64.

My question is simple are they a cheap substitute that will work? Is my thinking on how they adjust right or wrong? Am I being too fruggle and should I just pony up the $330 for the right ones? Does anyone have knowledge on the workings of adjustable coil overs.

I figure at this cost, they are worth checking out.
:rock: Maybe, if they don't work, I'll sell my chassis and build a sand Buggy.:eek:

Then I'll go play in traffic.

For some reason, this just seems too easy to work, but, hey, worse case scenerio, they'll go at a swap meet.
You would spend more than that at any Texas Steak Roadhouse. It's certainley worth checking them out.

thomas said:
You would spend more than that at any Texas Steak Roadhouse. It's certainley worth checking them out.


I cook my own meat! I have a ritual for the grill!:lol:

That's what I figure, Thomas. It's worth a shot, I think. Lucky for me, the street where my job is (where I'm building her) is not heavily traveled and flat for the most part. When I do my shake down run, I'll know for sure. I think the first good bump will either be okay or I'll need to replace an internal organ!:lol: Who knows, maybe Santa will be nice to me and get me the ones that work for sure. I'll start a "swear jar" and see what happens. I might get enough for a crap load of chrome goodies too!:lol:
Today I was looking at my chassis and the cheapo shocks I have on it. A thought occured to me and I got out the tape measure. The cheapos are sitting at 13 1/2". About an inch lower that what usually gets put on a T bucket. I noticed that that put the location of where the body would be, awful close to the top of my pinion yoke and where the drive shaft would be. I think the shocks I'm looking to buy will be good, as far as this is concerned. They are a little taller and it seems like I'll need that extra 2" that they will be over the usual shocks. We'll see. I just hope they don't ride like cinder blocks!:eek:
So the shocks I ordered showed up today. They look really sweet and I installed them after work. They sit the chassis up about two inches and at first I thought I had made a mistake in getting them, but then I remembered that there is no weight on the chassis yet. I sat on the frame and bounced a little to make sure the Watts linkage was lined up correctly and it looks like everything will be okay once the body is on her.

Fellas, I got to tell ya, I REALLY think these are going to work. I rationalised that if they are good enough for the rear of a Sand Buggy, they should be good for a T and these are adjustable also. However, the real test will be on the test drive and that is a ways away.

A Sand Buggy is heavier in the rear due to the engine being back there, but a VW engine is not that heavy. Now, these shocks are 2" taller than what is normally used, but the final rake looks like it is going to be dead on for the look I want when the body is mounted. The only concern I have now is ride quality. I'll post that when it happens.

As for looks? They look freaking sweet sitting back there! They have a semi-gloss black shock and chrome coils, so they match the red and black colors I am going with on my chassis.

Pics will be coming soon. I really need to invest in a digital cam.
Well, here is a pic of the shocks mounted. Not bad, if I do say so myself. As mentioned earlier, the final test will be the first drive. For more details, see my members page.

Here's a shot with the coil overs mounted.

Mike said:
And why are you not working with a blog, rather than the member's page? ;)

The blog will allow you to set up separate entries, so it will provide a smooth flow of your build.

I forgot about it!:eek: Hey, ya gotta remember, it took me a while to figure out how to post pics here!:eek: Next time, I'll make a blog.
I didn't realise how much info I had put up in my members page! I may keep what I have in there and use the blog for the later stuff. I kinda like the members page, though. It seems to be pretty close to the blog setup. What's the difference? Is it any easier?
The blogging system is just more organized and it offers each user the ability to customize their blog page to suit themselves. The various modules can be moved around wherever you like and there are modules that you may want to use that others don't. Want to tell us about your favorite song or favorite TV program? Those modules are already built in.
Okay, I'll check it out and see if I like it.
My friend, that chassis is looking really sweet. Looking forward to seeing a body on it.

thomas said:
My friend, that chassis is looking really sweet. Looking forward to seeing a body on it.


Thomas, if things go as planned, that could be around Christmas. I'd like to get it on by her anniversary, Oct. 11, but that would be very wishful thinking. It's easy for me to get enthusiastic and tempted to drop my money without thinking, so I have a budget and I'm trying to stick to it.

You'll know about the enthusiasm part in about a week or so!:lol:
I'm already trying to figure out what my next order is going to be.:lol:

thomas said:
I'm already trying to figure out what my next order is going to be.:lol:


Well, I would think axles and a differential (if they didn't include them) and maybe some wheels and tires, so you can roll her around.
Well Fred, I checked on some tires and wheels today. How's $2,000.00 sound. Did not realize how expensive they could get. I figure maybe by Dec. I can get them.


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