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Snow 10/6/09


It was snowing here today not sticking though because all the rain we had.:welcome:
Putz, we had the same problem here today... It was 91 degrees and a bit overcast, and we were hoping for some snow but we havent had any since 1977 :welcome: I would appreciate a bit of cooler weather at this point! We are fortunate in that we can go out and cruise 325 days a year, but it does come with some heat too.
We are fortunate in that we can go out and cruise 325 days a year, but it does come with some heat too.

Up here we don't have hurricanes.And in a little while i will break out my winter toys.Mine is in the middle.
We didn't have snow today, just rain and cooler temperatures.

We had 4" stick Saturday night. One if those heavy wet snows. Pretty much gone now, but it will be back. :)
Little early for 4" that turns everything to mud quick.
we have had oppressive humidity the last several days. Yesterday morning walked outside at 5am and it was 79 and 100% humidity. The high was 91 but with the humidity the "realfeel" was 108. I am on the 6th floor downtown and the windows are all hazed over from the humidity. Suppose to have a cold front come in Friday and get it down to the 70's and much drier.

Talked to my son in Laramie going to Wyotech and the low Monday night was 19 but got up to 50. He says it is too dry up there and too cold. His skin is dry and when he blows his nose he gets slight blood on the tissue. Just wait a few more months when it gets really cold.
Getting snow this early makes me wonder what type of winter we will have. Never know in this area. I have seen winters were the coldest was 15 but I have also seen winters with -30. If it gets to be a real cold one - that isn't in my plan for the winter :)
The thing about Laramie is the snow never melts. The wind just keeps blowing it around tell it wears out.
Wow.. I used to think we had bad weather here but not after the internet let me read about people in other places.
Someone asked me about studded tires last night. I told them I haven't see studs in a new tire here in 30 or more years. They didn't believe me. :mad:
Let's hope winter is kind to us all...
SNOW!?:) Man, I worked in the yard today and the humidity kicked my butt!:mad: Heat index 103!
snow here right now... Will probably sneak a cruise or 2 in the hotrod yet this year..
20 degrees keeps the bikers off the roads.. lololol
Same here they are talking 38 for a high here tomorrow. Thinking about going for a quick ride tomorrow.
Well, we just got nailed with snow. It was blowing sideways yesterday afternoon during my son's football game, and this morning everything is covered in white. Guess I'll just have to tell my wife that the (her) outside projects are now on hold till next summer...:sad: what a disappointment....suppose I can only work on the bucket now.;)
putz said:

here is my yard 10/10/09
you got the same demon that blew thru here and allworldss place yesterday.. lol Ground is still white here, im gonna have to shovel off the deck before the days end just to keep it out of the house..
Aw man.. I feel for ya.
That white stuff sucks.

At least you have the bucket to work on! :)

I am SO torn.. we have a strike date of the 20th. I can't afford to go out but that would be T time!!!!
At least we don't have snow this early...
Going down to 22 tonight and 18 tomorrow night. That is a little early for around here. I looked at my Cristal ball to see what winter was going to be like. All I could see was snow and cold - hopefully the ball is broke and not getting good reception.

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