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Some early build pics and maybe some ideas


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This battery box is from my '50 Ford.notice my tranny cooler.Also the pucks for the body to sit on.
Rick, I posted this question earlier, but I'll ask again for everyones benefit. Is there a gap between the battery box and the frame to allow for the fuel line or does the line travel through it? It seems like there is a gap between yours.

Also, I was going to get my battery box now and mount it. It looks like the back edge of the box lines up with the hole for the body mount. I'd like to get my battery box now or should I wait until I get my body? Man, I'm REALLY motivated to spend money I don't have!:lol:
There is a 1/8 gap behind mine but thats because the 50 box had dimples so the screws fit flush to the inner wheel well.So when i bolted mine in it rode on the dimples and it hasn't come loose yet.My gas and brake lines very slowly go down and then up the frame rail is it's only a 1 1/2 drop then back up to the center of the rail.DON'T PUT IT IN YET!!The floor has a cut out for the battery to go through.
This is what my FAMILY ROOM looked like last winter.Ya gotta keep the car warm in the winters up here.LOL

Thanks for the advice on the box.

That's cool you used a '50s P/U box. As the HAMBERS would say, "It gives your car soul" when you use something old.:lol: A buddy of mine gave me a door sill from a Model A and I still don't know how I'll use it, but I will somewhere. Maybe along the drivers side floor.
Try again on the family room pics. I saw those before and thought you were REALLY into T Buckets to build one in the house! Talk about above and beyond the call of duty!:lol:
Oh, I forgot to tell you. If you delete the file on photo bucket, it will delete them everywhere you posted them. Is that what happened? There's a line through your name too? Did something happen or is it my computer?
I just looked at all the pics and they all still seem to be there still.
Rick said:
I just looked at all the pics and they all still seem to be there still.

CRAP! Must be my computer. I'm going to reboot and see what happens..
I still see boxes with an X.:confused:
Lets see if anyone else can see them.That seems pretty dumb that you have to keep the pics in that bucket for ever.
Rick said:
Lets see if anyone else can see them.That seems pretty dumb that you have to keep the pics in that bucket for ever.

Yea, that was my thinking when I deleted some and they disappeared on the websites I had posted.

The only pics of yours I see are the last one of your dash. You did a VERY nice job of it.
Rick said:
And i deleted everyone of them ALL OF THEM.

Then it must be Photo Bucket. Man, sometimes I really hate tech crap.:mad:
Rick, if you've posted pics from PhotoBucket, they must remain at PhotoBucket.

When you post pics in a forum thread, you are merely linking to them from the forum. When the forum software sees an IMG tag, it sees that as an order to go grab the picture from the address immediately following the tag. As soon as the forum sees a /IMG tag, it knows to stop grabbing information.

So, when you try to post a pic here in a thread, the forum software goes to grab a picture and if it no longer exists where you told the forum software to go look for it, the end result is no picture displayed.

As far as leaving pictures at PhotoBucket, that's a non-issue. They don't charge you to store the images, so it's like you are getting free Web space. The space where this forum is stored is nearly $120/annually.

Remember, you do have the option of using the photo gallery, here on this site. We'll store a few pictures for each member at no charge, as well.
Rick, to answer your PM, here is what I see at this end. Click on the thumbnail to view it.

If you deleted the pictures from PhotoBucket, then press Ctrl-F5 on your keyboard and the images will probably vanish. My guess is your browser is loading this thread in from cache. Ctrl-F5 will do a hard-refresh of the page.
These are some other pics of the build.Different view of the trans cooler.

How the tank fits in the box.

Next up my first car show judging

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