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some photos from Napa Nationals, ATL


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Here are some photos I took this morning. I wanted to stay longer but I had to leave by 1 pm. Bummer... So here they are.
The yellow 27' I saw on a trailer back behind the track as I was leaving. So I pulled in and took the picture. I would have liked to have gotten a better look at it.
Thanks for posting the pics. That flat black t with the '32 grill shell looks very nice. I may be bias.;)
Last year I took nearly a hundred pictures. When I got home, I realized that a third of the cars looked a lot alike. How many red 32 deuce coupes, black late 60's camaro's and two toned mid 50's chevys are there out there? This year I just photographed what appealed to me. If you y'all want to see some more, just ask. I just posted the ones which are more relevant to the t-bucket forum.

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