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something ive noticed in many forms of racing.


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I hope this doesnt stab into politics too much, but in todays state of the economy i think someone needs to address this..

i'm sure i'm not the only one that has thought about this while watching thier favorite racing. I dont follow any form of racing, its more if i surf over a dragrace or a nascar, or indy race i'll watch it for a bit, maybe try to catch the end of the race.. i like to catch up on nhra when i can.

Over the past couple of years i have noticed that the armed services sure do sponsor alot of race teams, they're in every form of racing i think.. Are They using taxpayers money to do this? and if so how?

Could someone explain this if you know?
Found on-line:

"Just based on the dollars alone and getting the best bang for the buck, we can't go out and buy advertising time, run our commercials and get a better return for our money than we do with our NASCAR program," said Winchester.

"We have three missions," added Winchester. "We make Marines, we win battles and return quality citizens to the community. We're in NASCAR to make Marines."

The decision for many of the armed services to get involved with NASCAR is fitting also in terms of the connection with drivers, teams, tracks and fans.

"The NASCAR population we're reaching is very patriotic," said Fuller. "A lot of them are interested in mechanics and we're always hiring mechanics. We have crew chiefs that strategize just like in NASCAR."
The military services are allotted funds for an advertising budget. It has been proven many, many times that the moving billboards in auto racing give the most bang for the buck for sponsors. The military services have taken advantage of that knowledge in reaching out to their target demographic, the youth of America. The expenditures are justified and have proved valuable as a recruiting tool.

Steve Beckett, TSgt USAF (Retired)
and pretty much any form of racing is an endless money pit especially at the professional level..

pfft another waste of taxpayers money..
If recruiting young men and women into the services is a waste of money then you might be living on the wrong planet. The military is seeking the kinds of people who frequent all forms of racing. These are the people who have real goals and possess technical skills and abilities far beyond the trash with their waistbands worn just above their knees that are frequently seen in shopping malls across America The military is reaching out to the best America has to offer and advertising through motorsports offers the best value for money.

Here is one example of the military reaching out and finding one of the best. There is a young man from my town who had been involved, with his dad, in drag racing for many years. After high school he joined the national guard. He served a couple of tours in Iraq with his guard unit and upon completion of his commitment he went back into drag racing. He is now a crew member on Tony Schumacher's dragster. His name is Shane Boyington. If you look behind Shumacher's car as he launces there is a crew member holding a video camera taping the run. That's one of Shane's duties. Shane is in his third year as a member of the team and is a valued member partly because of the skills he gained from the Army.

Again, I PROUDLY sign myself as:
Steve Beckett, TSgt USAF (retired) and Vietnam Vet (1967-68)
i think dumping money into a racing program is a waste and no-one will change my mind of that especially the millions of dollars theyre pouring into the different forms of racing. that money i have provided could be used alot better elsewhere than someone building a racecar of any type with it.. I'm sure others feel the same..

i dont see where racing has anything to do with armed forces recruiting.. i bet you dont see many kids saying look an
Army car, i'm going to join.. They also put alot of money into a video game to do the same thing which to me was also a waste of money..

The ones i know that had joined when i was younger was because a recruiter did the work..
You have the right to your opinion, a right I helped guarantee during my 22 years of active service. I think you are wrong and, frankly, I'm a bit insulted by your implication that actively recruiting young Americans into the service is a waste of money. Ryan Newman has the poll for the Coca Cola 600 that may or may not be run today. Every time the announcers point out his car it will be referred to as the "Army Chevrolet" and every time the cameras focus on his car the word "Army" will be visible to all who watch the race. Sponsors put their logos on cars to get their brand out there. Racing fans are renowned for their brand loyalty and tend to go in droves to the sponsors to buy their products. Why should the Army, or another service branch not want to take advantage of that brand recognition and loyalty. I'm sure there are a lot of young people who attend the races or watch on television who are looking forward to starting the next chapter of their lives and seeing the Army logo on the side of a race car plants a seed and provides them with another option. I'm done..........
AMEN STEVE I have no problem advertising our armed services. But it bugs the hell out of me we are giving billions of $$$$ to companies that cannot manage their business and are going bankrupt. I wish I could get some to help pay for my T Bucket. Just a little of the bonus we all paid to bankers would build all of us a neat car. Spirit and RPM would not be able to keep up with the orders we would flood them with. Now thats a way to revive our economy. Nuff Said
Yea my uncle did also, he passed away years ago from lymphoma cancer, from exposure of agent orange. I'm proud to have known him.He was fun and he even taught me how to weld..
He was 101st airborne fort campbell ky.. I am proud if his 3 children, 2 college graduates and even the one in jail now that we believe has found his calling as a drug counselor..

I buy american when I can, even if it costs double, its tough and it puts me behind sometimes but I do what I can.

but to me that money, spent like that is a waste.. Just as these financial institutions that have received bailouts are stuill sponsoring these events.. Whats next Army on the back of a pro basketball or football players jersey? Be the same thing..
Sports and video games are two of the most effective ways to market to teens and twenty somethings. It's their culture.
Several weeks ago they ran the drag race at Bristol. Several days before the race the ARMY alcohol car was at the high school where my oldest daughter teachs marketing. They were there with the dragster recruiting kids coming out of high school. My daughter being a marketing teacher and an ex drag racer was really into this. So the question was WHO pays for this? We do the tax payers. It is advertising wheather we like it or not. I am sure our goverment spends a lot more on stuff we don't approve of.
Spieler; The military services are allotted funds for an advertising budget.

Steve Beckett, TSgt USAF (Retired)


You are correct as to an avertising budget for the military. Each service is given a certain amount each year for just that purpose and they either use it completely or face a cutback on those funds the following year. Those same funds cover all their recruiting cost and it is up to the military how best to spend it. I have to believe they do their research with great care and in fact get the most bang for the buck. If people actually knew how small the whole military budget is as compared to all the other the government programs I think they would be greatly suprised. They should be embarrased!

Now as to bailing out every smiling snake oil salesman in the country...well that's whole different animal.

Steve, thanks for your 22 years on the job. I knew I had reason to like you!

George Cathey
116th Assault Helicopter Company
Cu Chi, Republic of South Vietnam
28 months on UH-1B/C gunships
5 1/2 yrs active duty.
My Pleasure and I would do it again.
:thumbsup:Thanks George and Steve you guys are the reason we can have a debate for or against.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
I had a friend who was high up in the Military in WW II. He said one of the reasons we won was that the American boys could fix equipment when it broke down in the field when our enemies just walked away from theirs. Most racing fans Know quite abit more than the average guy or gal about how things work. the first thing to know about how to fix it. .....
A proud father of a USAF son and a step father to an army Blackhawk pilot.
As a retired AF Chief Master Sergeant with 28 yrs service and a tour of duty as a recruiter, I can tell you that the visual advertising on cars and the flyovers by planes works. It sparks the interest that recruiters follow up on. Plus, there are always members in uniform in the pit area of the sponsored cars as guests that serve as visual ads. The advertising budget is going to be spent anyway so it needs to be spent where it is most effective. Military service is a patriotic choice and it is a rotten shame that patroitism is slowly eroding away in this country.
One thing you have to consuder here is the fact that our armed services are for the most part voluntary now. These young people are making a choice to enlist. I am so proud of my hephew and hiece for stepping up and serving our country. Ask your self this, 1 mil for 10 30 second tv spots or 1 mil for a 2 hour spot for 5 months.

As for those of you who spent so many years in service, my hat is off to you gentlemen. I served also but you guys are the ones who deserve my utmost respect and you have it. Thanks Steve Goerge, Chief and all the rest ...salute!!!!,

I served six years in the national guard( could not pass the physical for the army). I met a lot of good friends that I still see from time to time. One branch of the service sponcers a monster truck and it does real well in competition. Personally I think thats great. If more of our young people would join the service I beleive it would help stop some of the gangs and crime we have today....Francis

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