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Southeastern Street Rod Nationals


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Not t-bucket specific, but plenty of them will be there. If you can make it down to Tampa Fl on Oct 10,11 or 12, its a great show.
Look me up. I'll be arriving early on Thursday and will be staying at the host hotel. If need be, here is my cell: ***(407) 754-4879*** (drop the stars).
Here it is.


WOW That's just stunning!! Very nice. Bob is my dad and we will be in this. Also we'll give you a call when we get there.

Great! We will be looking for that "BAD A**" T of yours. When do you plan on arriving and where are you staying?
He lives in Dover and I live in Brandon so we are local to the show. I would bet we'll be there on Sat. That's up to him though, his car his rules.:hmmm: He is on vacation right now so I'll check with him when he gets back.

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