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Speedway Turn Signal Switch

Glad you found the problem. It is always nice when someone reports back that the problem was found and what caused it in the first place.
I agree, it's always good to hear back.
I wanted to ask for help on this thread (the above diagram is what I'm using as well). I'm using the Universal Turn Switch (Commutador and/or Speedway) and everything appears to be working. However, the flasher continues to flash (or click) when the turn signal arm is in the off position. The actual turn signal lights don't continue to flash, but the flasher will click and the red indicator on the turn signal swtich will continue to flash. I'm using an electronic flasher (off of Amazon) and it works as it should with both the turn signals and the hazards, but for some odd reason it doesn't want to stop clicking when the arm is in the off position. I was wondering if this might be the turn signal switch itself (a possible defect)? Has anyone encountered this? Am I missing something with the installation? Below is a picture of my wiring installation.


Universal SW.jpg
Measure the leads that go from the switch to the flasher with your multimeter to verify if the switch is somehow feeding the flasher or where the current is coming from.
Just to provide an update on my turn signal switch problem and the solution that I discovered. I tore it apart and analyzed how the switch functions internally. In the end, the problem was the type of flasher that I used. I was able to test a standard bi-metalic thermal flasher with a small incandescent bulb and it worked appropriately. However, since I'm utilizing LED turn signal lamps, I also experimented with a 3-prong electronic flasher (with no pigtail ground) and it flashed correctly, however, with power applied at the X terminal I discovered that the flasher continues to feed power to the P terminal that goes to the the indicator lamp in the turn signal switch. This causes the flasher to continuously keep flashing/clicking. The only way I could stop the continuous flashing would be somehow isolate the switch's housing from steering column ground.

I found the best solution was to use a 2-prong electronic flasher. The unit I purchased on Amazon doesn't make the "click" sound, but flashes perfectly. It works great for incandescent bulbs, LEDs-only, or a mix of LED and incandescent bulbs. I discovered that I only needed to use the black (turn signal) wire on the switch that connects to the "L" prong of the flasher. The "blue" wire on the swtich not used or needed. The turn signals worked great, and the hazard switch worked well.

2-Pin Electronic Flasher: 12V, 0.02Amp to 10Amp, 2-Pin CF-12 Automatic Electronic LED Flasher

Amazon - 2-Pin Electronic Flasher


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