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The wife and i were on our way to Branson and i remembered spirit is in Mountain Home Ar only 45mi out of the way. So i stopped at starbucks got her all caffeened up and off we went she only ask a couple of times are you sure this is the way to branson???? I reassured her i knew exactly where i was going. About 10 miles from mountain home she said hey you are going to Mountain home thats why you are being so nice to me. Busted Arg. When we got there she went in and acted interrested and everything. The guys at Spirit were GREAT they treated us like family got the full tour looked at a couple of there cars they were building. Got a new T shirt .They are one of the best resources for info and parts. This is a must if you r in the area.

Tim Cunningham
Tim, you are a sly devil! You like to live dangerously too!

She says i cant be trusted and judging by past preformance i am going to agree.

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