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Francis Blake

Active Member
Does any one know where I can get the bottom end of the steering column that goes on the splined input shaft on a corvair box? Is this a standard size that fits other cars? I am trying to make my own steering column,and have everything I need except this part.
Francis ... Look at your Speedway catalog under steering u-joints ... go down the list to ''Vega, Corvair,GM rack, 5/8''-36 spline ... find the non-flex coupler part # 910-32283. You can weld this one or pin it to your shaft. When it comes, there will be 2 pieces. The coupler has a 3/4'' bore and the adaptor has a 5/8'' bore. If your shaft is 3/4'', just use the coupler. If you need the 5/8'' bore, just weld the adaptor to the coupler.

Ok found it,don't know how I missed it,my wife tells me I cant see something if I am looking right at it. Thanks Ron I appreciate the help.

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