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CCR corvair box brackets


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Does any one know the differences between the different corvair steering box brackets that CCR makes?

I sent them a message but thought i'd ask here too.

21702 Corvair Steering Box Bracket, Standard Body

21704 Corvair Steering Box Bracket, Long Body

21704-ST Corvair Steering Box Bracket, SlickTrack style, (tall)

Clearly they state the last one mounts the box an inch taller then the standard but they don't give a height for the standard mount. Anyone know the difference between the standard and long body mount?

I thing unless you have THEIR extended bracket you need standard bracket. Best answer is talk to them.
you mean their extended body? After looking at my setup again I think their standard bracket is going to be the best but will wait to hear from them.
CCR said 21702 and 21704 are about 1 3/8" tall just with different angles and 21704-ST is about 2.5" tall

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