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Stoped at Spirit today


Well i was on my way home and i decided to take the northern route. So i stoped in to see Josh and the gang at Spirit . Josh gave me the tour . These guys build fantastic products. They are working on a new Model A coupe that i think i may need in my garage some day soon. It has the best of everything for the price. Had to have the new Bash 09 T shirt. If anyone has the opportunity i would recommend a visit .
No i was workin and on my way home from Paragould AR. F150 is my work ride.
these are some of the best people you will ever meet.
the hole gang are the tops.........:)
i have purched a lotta of parts from these people..
they stand behined every one of them..
believe me when i say they are the best.
i don't usealley promote anyone but these people
are the tops.


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