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Sun Super Tach II


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After getting rid of many gremlins in my wiring system by replacing the whole wiring harness, I installed a new Sun Super Tach II. Only 4 wires, Red keyed power, black ground, white instument light and green to the distributor. Works fine untill you turn on the parking or headlights then it goes dead. Double checked my ground and all connections, all are good. When I do pull the headlight switch to park or hedlight positions, I notice there was no backlighting on the tach. :wall:Any ideas?
Are you still using the old switch? I didn't like how hot the switch and fuse got. Make sure the white and wire is correct. I've seen some Tach's that the wite went to the distributor and green to the lights. I believe that is how mine is on the car now. White to distributor and green lights.
Yes I did get a new light switch, the white is what the schematics said was to the instrument lights. The new wiring kit had a "Tach" wire from the fuse panel, it was white. The one to the distributor was pink or green, can't remember right off, I'll check when I get home. OBTW the kit from way was easy, thanks for pointing it out.

I may try tonight connecting it straight to the distributor and the panel light straight to the switch and see if that makes a difference.

Tell Tom and Sam I said hello and we might be able to bring it out that way this weekend.

Picking up the plates for it today and hope to take it to it's first cruise in Friday at the Chic Fila Friday Night.
Maybe me and Kat will come up Friday....What time is the get together. Also the pink goes to the batterside of the distributor and the white tach wire in the kit goes to the tach side of the distributor and then to the tach itself.

Usually a pretty big crowd....last year I was only seeing 1 or 2 buckets there out of 30 - 40 cars, haven't been this year yet.

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