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Sun Ts , T-Party..... Mar21, 2009


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:poop: It's time once again to come on down to sunny Kississimee, Fl. for the Old Town T-Party...we invite all Ts and T enthusiast to meet with us.Old Town always treats us good and we like to have a big turn out for them.
For those not familiar Old Town, Kississimee holds a cruise in every Sat. Nite, and once a year we invade with our Ts...they give us a special place to park together and let us lead the parade cruise on the brick streets of Old Town..It is really a blast to hear the crowds shouting and giving thumbs up to the line of Ts.
Sunday morning we usually get together across the street for a big breakfast before heading off to our destinations. This is a great time to visit the Orlando area, as there are great deals to be had at the hotels and attractions.So grab the kids, Wife or girlfriend,(but not both) and come on down.
They still have those cars Ron.

I hope to be able to make it but may be a little late because I have already made plans to go to the BILLETPROF meet at the Garlits Museum in Ocala that same day. I'll definately be putting on the miles to get to both events.

I am planing on making the trip up from deerfield beach,sounds like fun, Claude
Sorry, Air cars are gone...
Big ride park there now
Shows what I know as I have not been there since last year. Sorry that I gave you the wrong info Ron.

noon or 1.....things go on till about 8pm
Hey Jim, Would you save a couple of spots for me and another T from up my way? We will be there before the cruise "officially" starts.

I'm looking forward to being there. I don't think my T will be ready to drive up there. so I will go with out her.

:cool: Laz
So how many buckets do you think will be there? i am 90% sure i will be there..

and how do i add pics to my photo gallery?
Don't have a firm count yet,But, I'm thinking about 12 to 15 "IF" everyone
shows up.
I asked for a count on another thread and only Ex-Junk wanted 3 spots.
A count of people will help saving parking spots.On Saturday everything
fills fast. If we don't save enough spots you'll have to park by a restored
Rambler. :eek:
I just got my bucket tagged and legal. Sunday was my first trip off the block. Who do I need to get ahold of to make sure I can park with all the T's? Im only about 30 minutes away.
Show up around noon or 1 and tell them your with the sun-t's

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