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After reading the trailer thread today.....

Lets have a show of hands on what kind of demand is there for a
small trailer for hot rods,Not just buckets.

Has anyone talked trailers with other rodders?
I was at a show in September with about 150 cars, one rod having a matching trailer. Seemed to draw a lot of attention but I didn't hear anyone say they wanted one. There have been a few for sale on different lists I look at.
There are a few teardrop campers around here, seldom see them tho.
Next week Im gearing the shop up to build one more teardrop camper and I want to build a smaller just my luggage and a cooler type trailer. I will probably sell both to raise funding for next summers vacation.
There are quite a few mfgs of the teardrop campers, my favorite being camp inn. Little guy comes to mind also.
I was thinking about building one that looks like a coffin lolol..
I know if I put a for sale sign on my teardrop and drove around with it, it wouldnt last a day before someone nabbed it, it draws alot of attention. I think its an unfair advantage at car shows..
I've seen some nice trailers at shows and have thought from time to time that I would like to have had one to use to carry luggage and things when I travelled to shows. It would have had to be something that would match my car or of a style that would compliment it because, unless you can find a safe place to park it, once you get to the show you are stuck with it. A definite drawback.

I was leaning toward a Coke box trailer. A company called Haneline built a glass replica several years ago. I mentioned them in another post here on the forum and I emailed them to find out if they still manufactured them. They don't. I then emailed them to see if they still had the molds, thinking I might be able to make a deal on them, but they never replied. I worked as a welder in a trailer manufacturing factory for a while and I have the knowledge and skills to build a frame and I know the best products, axles, hardware, etc., that I am confident I could build a good one. If I could find a steel box in good condition to use I would like to make some molds and make one but that is for another project at another time.

A few years ago I bought plans for a couple of teardrop trailers, one 8' and one 10' long (I will gladly email copies of the plans to anyone who wants them). I built the chassis then the project came to a halt. Last year I welded stake pockets and fenders on to it and laid a plywood deck to use it as a unility trailer. Then I thought I might take all of that off and go back to building the teardrop. Then when I decided I wanted to build another T I realized that the chassis was made of fairly heavy steel and was straight and true and I could raise it on legs and use it as a frame table. So that's where that trailer plans stands right now.

So back to the context of the question. Are you thinking about buying one for your personal use or are you pollling us to find out if there would be enough demand for them if you were to start making them for sale? I've thought about the latter. I'll be interested in knowing if there is a demand.

Where is the pic of this teardrop camper?
norseman said:
I was thinking about building one that looks like a coffin lolol..

I saw one at a show made from an upright food freezer laid on its back. Tacky but functional..........Steve
Maybe if a guy drug up an old indestructible international harvester refrigerator, built a ratty looking tube frame trailer to bolt it to, laying on its back and let it lay out in the elements for a dozen years to get the patina just right some rat rodder would pay "big money" for it! lolol..
not to detract from this forum but this forum is very helpful in the world of teardroppin.. its the teardrops and tiny travel trailers website, should be able to google that and come up with it. After building a t bucket a teardrop camper was fairly simple..
Wish I had more pics but the one thats down in the original trailers thread is all I have.
The food freezer trailer I saw was a square box Kenmore or something like it probably from the 60s. It was painted red.

The teardrop trailer plans I have are the Kuffel Creek models Cubby and Comet. Either trailer would be too big to pull behind a T-bucket but would look right in place behind a Ford F1/F100 of a 50s Chevy pickup. As far as being simple to build, a teardrop can probably be as easy or as hard as one makes it. These plans are pretty simple from the standpoint of framing and applying the skin but the kitchen requires a little skill in cabinet making. I'm not totally inept at woodworking. I can successfully nail two boards together most of the time but I'm not sure I could have finished it out as well as the ones shown in the plans.
A friend of mone had a old coke cooler trailer that was pretty cool.
I'm gearing up to build trailers on a full time base.

Going to go on a "old time" design,Single wheel, about 3' wide X 4' long
with a pick-up style bed with a top.

You'll be able to park and back up with out the worry of the trailer
doing a jack knife thing. the wheel will rotate and follow the car.

I'm shooting for a 150lb. load with about weight.
I have pretty unique trailer that I have never finished, if anyone is interested, it is for sale cheap. I bought a new trailer from Harbor Frieght. Best way I knew to get all that stuff and a title and tags with no hassle. Anyway. I acut it all up and made it about 4' x 4' built a wodden box on top of it about 14" tall with a drop down door in the back. It is big enough to put in an E-Z up and some of those fold up chairs. On top of this box. There was to be a Jack Daniels keg. Yes I went to Jack and bought a very nice keg. Yes I added water and got the whiskey out. Any way this keg was to be mounted on top of the box laying down, Then split long ways, like a clam shell to open and put other stuff. On the touge is a place for a cooler. The wood box is done, the keg is all sanded and thats as far as I got. It sets here gathering dust. I got about $600 in it. Make me an offer and come get this out of the way. I got a clear title to it. It is towable right now.

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