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T body on a A Frame

This is by far the best example of a TV8 i've seen in years. There was a pictorial on this car in it's original build state in the Dec. '96 issue of Hot Rod. It just turns my crank!

You would have to bob the front frame horns and install a suicide spring perch front cross member to use the spring behind front end. IMO, the tube axle would defeat the theme of the car. It should have a beam axle up there.

Youngster that is nice, I like it.:lol:
Yeah... ain't it cool? Don't look at the Hot rod spread if you are easily tempted to start a new project. This car is sooooo simple and basic. Every time I run across that mag, I just gotta peek to see it again. Then the next thing I know, I'm scribbling dow a list of parts and prices. It usually takes me 2 or3 days to return to my sences. Ahhh....but what a rush 'til then.
Well in order I have to build a house, a 66 Nova, 61 Ranchero, 77 IH scout then I get to build the wife a bucket. And, I can't start any till Oct. 09.
LRS30.. How much room you got between the axle and the spring?
I'm not sure yet I'm going over my brothers this weekend thats where everything is at for now, he has a 29 Sport Coupe in pieces so I am going to size up everything on his frame first and see if I can use what I have or make an alteration to the frame to make it work.. I may just end up going with a typical T Frame if it does'nt look right...I hope to clear out my garage here soon, I just finished putting a 30's Dodge wavy tube straight axle under my club's gasser 64 FAlcon, so with that in my garage and my 54 Chev I am about out of space...Pics of both can be seen at if anybody is interested, under project progress....Thanks guys for all the input and knowledge...Ryan
What I was thinking was a front end like the one Floyd Cotterpin used on the T coupe he (?) built. If you have a couple of inches between the axle and the spring, You could build a flat channel front crossmember with the radiator over it and a radiator shell extending down between the axle and spring. Sweet and low.
LRS30 said:
Has or does anybody seen or done a 23 T on a Model A Frame...I was wondering if I could use my spring behind axle setup on this style set-up..I'm curious to see what it would look like..If anybody has pic's i would love to see this done..Thank's Ryan

Boyd Coddington's T on A frame... horns have been removed...



Thanks LumenAl for posting the pictures.

The frame Boyd used is actually a '31 Chevy but the idea is the same as a Model A frame. Yes, the frame horns were cut off. In order to run a spring behind the axle, you pretty much have to do this. The point is the flat front cross member with the radiator and shell mounted over them will give you the stubby front end that you want for this type of build. If you want more heigth to the front of the frame, it would be easy enough to kick the ends of the cross member up at the frame rails an inch or so which would also give you a nice saddle to mount the radiator in.

If you want the spring over the axle you run into some clearance problems. An after market axle dosen't have the "smile" in it like the stock Ford axle. With a stock A front spring, the bolts for the spring retainer plate will hit the tube axle.

There probably wouldn't be enough room for a '32 shell between the axle and spring, but a T or an A shell, with it's flat bottom face, would probably slide in there.

Hope this helps, Ron.
I like the way you think!

Sorry for the delay. I found a abandon T perimeter style frame with a small kick up in the rear, which once I get it home will probably change, and a front spring mount and spring. Which is good since the guy I got my front end from seems to have boned me on the deal.. He claims it must have gotten stolen or lost , but he has one other place to look. So if he does'nt find it and make good on the deal, and be a man of his word, then I will flame him out, but until then my lips are sealed as to who he is..Enough rant so things are rolling smooth, looks like I will be running a 49-54 spindle brake kit on it, anybody on here sell these, I would rather buy from someone in the hobby than a faceless phone jockey..Looking for a plan steel set-up unless I can get a deal on the chrome set..Pics to come soon....Ryan

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