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T Bucket NATIONALS - who's going?


Still haven't made any reservations,
still have no idea how I'm getting there,
still have no idea how I'm going to afford the trip


Hope to be there Sunday June 15th (which happens to be my 39th Birthday also BTW) and stay the entire week.

Don't know if anyone's going with me, don't know if I'm driving the hotrod up there or going to be on a trailer, don't know much huh?

If you're going I hope to see you there. Look for this car and this guy.




That's the only pics I could find of myself.
We dont want to see you we wanna see your car :lol::rofl:
Hey Todd, there are at least 12 of us from KC... the regulars minus Dennis "Hot Rod" Dailey (no T). As far as a place to stay, Chris Molz (Mr T Bucket) was looking for someone to share a room. He's at the Super 8 (as am I... waited too long :lol:). You can reach him at igozumn at comcast dot com.
LOL, I know.

I attended a couple NATS without a bucket, walked around not knowing who was who until I saw people standing next to the cars I knew. Knew the cars, didn't know names or faces.

Figured it'd be nice to be able to put a name / face/ car together.

I should have somewhere clost to 1000 pictures of my car... ask Fred, he looked at all of them LOL.
I'm hitting the road to Springfield late tonight or early tomorrow morning, packing the bucket as light as I can.

Hope to see ya there, if you see the rusty ol' No7, say HI!
I'm here.


Will be posting pics when I can recharge the batteries on this laptop.

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