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T bucket weight with a small block


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Any of you guys have an idea what a ballpark weight is fo your T buckets using a small block. I'm doing some numbers on my inline engine and need something close. Thanks everyone.

Mine weights about 2100 lbs.
Small Block Ford weights 1980 without me.......:lol:
MIne weighed in at 2280 before adding the blower, probably 2350 now. Empty car, half tank of gas. 1100 in the front and 1180 in the rear. Need to weigh it again.
2010 lbs. with an SBC, carbureted, CCR chassis and body.

1937 pounds total with the rear being 50 pounds heavier than the front.

1870 pounds here. Looks like weights are all over the place. I guess you could nail down an average.
Yeah! They are a little spread out on weight but that's a big help. Thanks for helping me I wrote all of them down in my notebook.

1970 with a full tank of gas (12 gal) and me in it.
A 6-71 blower, pulleys carbs and all is about 100 to 150 lbs.....depends on what alls there..........theres not really any diff in weight on the blower and norm aluminum intakes..........usually..............:cool:
Not much difference between the small block chevy and your in line 6.

ain't never lifted a 6-71 with rotors and front and rear covers have ya? Lifting the 8-71 for my jet boat ain't no fun either.
Everytime I grab one and snatch it up to plop it onto the lower keep saying to myself....."yep.....those rotors are hollow....they're hollow........."
8-71........I don't even try my old delapidated state.....about all I can handle comfortably is a 4-71, ( pretty heavy) the magnachargers and little 144's....not bad at all....

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