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What would the balpark dimensions be of a '23t and a '27t body? And if possible the overall vehicle dimensions; length and width, I realize tire size plays a part in this so a reasonable width will do. Just trying to figure the rough area a project like this will take up. I have a 10'x12' storage shed already on the property...wondered if this would work as a garage instead of taking another cars place in the one attached to the house. Planning a Track-T project.
I don't have the TP manual with the dimensions in front of me, but I built mine in a small area of where I work. It can be done in a 10X12 are, but it will get tight sometimes.

I'll try and get those numbers for you when I get back up to work, but for starters, I think the wheelbase is 108" give or take an inch. The width of my frame at the widest point is about 28". The body is roughly 48" to 50", I think and about 46" wide.

These aren't exact, I'm trying to recall from memory for now.
My turtle deck '25 with a 6'' extended cowl is 143" x 68" with a 109" wheelbase. I would say that those figures would be VERY close to a '26 - '27 style track roadster. Perhaps, if TrackT reads this he can give you the measurements of his car also. That would give you the EXACT figures that you are looking for.

Thanks; I really appreciate this info...if the 10x12 doesn't fit the bill; well, that means buildiing another shed..I just hate going through all those permits and headaches. I am definately going with the Track-T; probably a '27 I need to build it on the cheap (fixed income) !!!

fixed incomes suck but it's not impossible to build that way. labor trades are your best options. if you don't have a skill to trade, there are other things that you can do. it's always nice to have an extra set of hands around.


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