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T Fever Fred where are you?

I was wondering where Fred has been especially watching Satori's build.
I think he said he is on a walkabout looking for work. Seems like he also said he is only on line when he returns home but dont quote me. It does seem like the DJ left the party doesnt it .
According to his profile, he was here last Tuesday the 26th, at 3:45 pm. He's probably on a road trip for a job interview.
John that would make a great Hallmark card.
I just talked to Fred on the phone and he is OK. Still looking for a job and on the road a lot and has not had any time for the puter. He said to say hi to everyone and he will try to check in, in a few days.
GLad to hear he is ok Ron Thanks for letting us know ,,,
Phew that was a close one i was only one day away from sending a dozen Hooters girls to find him.:cool:
You don't want a Hooters girl looking for ya... I know from personal experience.

Seems like they all are 100% fixated on using their "Goodies" to obtain whatever they want from whomever they want and when you bring it to their attention they tend to go Apesheet crazy... and stalk you.

You can of course use that to your advantage if you'd like, but I'm telling ya BE CAREFUL.

Ugly and sane vs hot and crazy, take your pick. The hotter they are, the CRAZIER they are.

O.K., we need a "Fred" report. Or maybe we can play "Where's Fred?" instead of "Where's Waldo?" It's a big world and he could be anywhere!

He shouldnt be hard to find i think he is 6'8" tall
He must be way out of town becuase his VM box is full. I wonder if he found a travel job that took him out of country?!?!
The next post should read (she took all my stuff and left)

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