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T for sale. Wrecked

skinny mike

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Underinsured ! ! Back end, (rear of steel body, axle, suspension mounts) gone. Bed ok. Will try posting pics. $6,000.


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Backing out of garage to fill radiator, let get to temp to see if fan worked. Mini stroke , backed down drive, across street ,took down block wall, hit RV. Two years FIXING things. best laid plans.Going to up insurance, go for real drive next day..
Rear axle gone, drums and wheels look ok. Spring hanger ripped, radius rod hangers sheared off. Left rod gone, right ok. Trans cooler not good, rear u-joint gone. both rear body corners bad, Needs body off. Can't do it physically or $$$. 79 tired. I hurt. Done.
Walker 900$ radiator, 12 spoke fronts,new. 350 mild, Edelbrock. PG. All new brakes, vac boost. Seat belts, e-brake. All new. Lots of fixing dumb, stupid everything. A shelf full of x-tra's.
So sorry to ear that, Mike. Is there any way you could rebuild it with some help? I know the NTBA has members in the area that might be able to lend a hand. What do you think?
No way can I do a body off. And the fixes are beyond me $$$.Stretched it too far already. Had to fix too many things just to fix what I knew needed. Ten years ago I'd go for it and more. Now it just hurts to look at it. Too much money and time to add more .Hit TWO walls hard . I hurt.
What a shame. Sorry to hear about your 'mishap'
Yesterday Hagerty sent "estimate" to have it repaired. 5000.00. I could fab brackets, weld em and assemble. Can't afford axle or body work. That's why I'm selling it. I thought 6000 asking and add estimated 5000 would appeal to someone. 11000 for a T-bucket. So...waiting till final Hagerty $$ then it's gone.
Guess I need to reword. I think if someone bought it for 6000 and could fix (have it fixed) for Hagerty's estimate of 5000 it would total 11000 for a t-bucket. Sounds like a good price to me. This probably ain't a good place to advertise since just about everyone HAS a T. But...
Bottom line. For sale, $6000 or best offer. No offers by Hagerty's deadline, they get it. I CAN'T AFFORD TO FIX IT.

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