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T5 for MoparBucket


I have a T5 out of a 89-90 Mustang to put behind my 318 I've found 2 companys that make a bell housing for this, one Jam at has a slave cyclinder and steel bellhousing. The othe has alumminum bellhousing with a hydralic throwout bearing. About the same cost but I am leaning towards the , the driven man one don't think I need a steel bell and the slave looks like it stick out some and I don't have a lot of room. Would appreciate any thoughts or advice of this. Thanks:confused:
There are a lot of guys who put Chevy 2.8 - 3.4 V6s w/T5 in MGBs. They use the HTOB because of the clearance issues. I've never heard any of them have any complaints. I'm putting an inline Chevy 6 in my T with either the old 3 spd or a T5 if I can find one and I plan on using the HTOB. We used a slave on a dirt late model we raced in the early 80s and it was a pain.

Here is a link to a video at the Spirit site that shows a T with 4 spd using (somewhat) conventional clutch linkage with no hydraulics. Pretty complicated but the guy who built it is an engineer at Cessna in Wichita so he had an unfair advantage when it came to designing everything. Way to much work for me. Bash Videos

Thanks, now another question does it make a difference if use use the tail shaft from the T5 in an S10 V6 or 4 cyl. ?
No. But the year may make a difference on the speedometer feed. Electric or cable.

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