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Take a look at this T Bucket!


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I found this on a web site devoted to traditional hot rods. He's running a 350 SBC and a......... 4 speed! Very well done and different. I'm digging the wood treatment on the body sill.



Very nice. That only the second T roadster I've ever seen with a left hand door.
That thing is sweet.
I like it, sort of . . .

I like the hood, you don't see many with hoods and it I think it makes the body lines flow a little better.

I miss the headers and side pipes, plus I'll but plumbing that exhaust system in was a complete pita!

The driver's side door looks kinda useless unless the steering wheel comes off.

I don't like the belly pan.

I do like the turtle deck. I'm on the fence with that, I like both the short pickup boxes and turtle decks but the short pickup box is a kind of trade mark of the t-bucket. The turtle decks look nice and aren't as common so it helps set yours apart from the rest though (just a little though since they aren't all that uncommon either).

I like the over all look. The black body with the red rims really looks nice to me!

It looks like it's all metal -> ya gotta be impressed with that!

A very nice build . . . I second the request . . . links and more pictures please!!!
LumenAl said:
what website did you see this? They have any more pictures? I'd like to see how the rear end looks with that belly pan treatment... lots of interesting touches on this car.

I got the pics off the HAMB. I'm sure if you show the pic and ask, someone will have more info on it.

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