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yes a couple of them through me off:think:
14 out of 17 for me too. There were a couple of them I should have gotten like the Y-block.
AHHHHHHHHH, I can't beleive a guy that owned more 421 Pontiac motors then he can remember could get that one wrong. You got 15 right out of 17.
72% (57514 out of 79703) of the other players got that question right.
You got 17 right out of 17.
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Winner winner chicken dinner! I am just as smart as Track T.:welcome:

I had a couple good guesses, you know eliminate the ones you know are wrong.
Check out the big brains on Todd and Track T:dance:
I like the way u talk uah huh!!! Want your buiscuits and mustard now.
yea.. the dip stick diferencet from 409 to 348, I didn't know that. I sold a 3-2 maniforld last year I had In the shop. I didn't know which one it fit. but the price was right when I bought it. I saw a W engine in a boat that was for sale. thought I would buy it and put in a small block and sell the boat and keep the 409 but didn't get the deal put together.A guy I worked with in Calif said he found an old boat with a 427 ford he was going to buy but his wife said no. when we asked him about the new boat and he hummed and hawed then said he decided not to buy it ...we called and it was gone.
You got 17 right out of 17

Mike in ep :cool:

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