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Thanks to Ron Pope and Spirit!


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Looks like we're back up and running at least for now. It looks like Ron Pope and he guys at Spirit have got something figured out on this site after Mike unexpectedly passed away.

I wanted to formally thank both of you for your behind the scenes work on this. If we get this back up for good, we'll help spread the good word!
Heartfelt THANKS to Ron, Josh, & Kristy for all your effort in saving this site. Also, thanks to Cory for letting me know it was back. Now an old man can start to relax a little.
I already thanked you on our phone conversation, Ron, but I must say that I can't thank you enough for all the trouble that you've gone through to get this great sight up and running again!

Great to see this site back up and running..Thanks to all involved...
If anyone has contact info to others that were on this site, please contact them and let them know that it is back up and running again.

When you send someone a PM from this forum don't they automatically get a notification on thier e-mail ??
Great to see the site up and running again!
I heard the news from Grumpy's site.

Thanks to all of you who worked hard to make this happen.

I just found out this evening that the site was up and running again. My thanks to all involved. I have missed this place and all the folks here.
Thank you all for getting this going again! It has been a great place to get information to plan building my promect and I'm sure will be even more helpful as I continue with my new T bucket build. I'm expecting my 23 T bucket kit from Spirit within the next few weeks and excited to finally start working on my lifelong dream!
As you know, there are plenty of guys here to answer any questions that you might have in completing your build.

Thanks Ron,Spirt,and and everyone else involved, my goto site everymorning, just found out it was back up ,a bit ago


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