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The Build in My Mind


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Let me start out by saing that I am insane and my friends knew it when I wanted to put a 454 in an MG. Never got around to doing it but what fun to plan it in my mind. that was 20 years ago. flash forward to today and I can say I strive to be different. my last classic car was a 69 rebel (my grandfathers) which I sold and I may buy back.
I also had a 67 Rebel convt. which was a nice driver and different enough to get manny second looks since it was de-trimmed and shaved door handles, and add in the cont top and the 4 headlight in front and ya' got a roadrunner look's like.....

I've been holding off on posting my idea, but........
onto my current mental obsession

In looking at older articles on buckets, it seems clear that part of their creation is the making of a car from very available parts (back in the day) and now we have numerous manufacturers producing like new and better than new replacement bodies, full suspension and other parts.....

The only recent vehicle that has a "tub" in the last 30 years is a Jeep Wrangler. it also can come in a "soft top, hard top and manny manny other top options. it also has a flip down windshield.

the short version would be to stretch the front axle location out by a foot to 18". the rear axle would be moved aft of the rear of the tub and could have a 15" bed covering it, or longer. the wheel wells could be closed off and made part of the body (smooth), the wheel wells could be cut out and flipped and reversed to make a flat bed area of the old passenger seat.

at that point, it could be posible to do a turtle deck or a rumble seat cover over the bed...............

the rear axle width on a wrangler is 60.5" or less on the older ones... finding a tub is not too hard, part of the frame coule be re-used or not. the front axle could alo be re-used but it would need to be lowered. if a custom frame was used, it could possibly run under , fairly close to the ground with 135 degree risers (opposing directions) to tie into the spring shackles

as for motors, I think an inline 6 would be cool but the options could be limitless.

the grille and radiator off an early 70's jeep would look cool

the rear end could be stock but you could also use an independent rear out of a later model Explorer too.............

I thought about stretching or chopping the body (with the hardtop) but if I get too crazy I'll wind up with a cluster car, and thts the last thing I want....

Keep in mind thereare likely manny parts that could change to make a better car and thats what I hope to accomplish by sharing. My only fear is to wind up seeing what I envision before I can build it. what I wind up with will be shaped by all of your comments.

as for timeframe to start the build, I dont look to be able to really start the money part until January or so.

so tell me, what do you think?
The one thing about these... it's your vision, build what you want, just build it safe and right... the more you diverge from "normal" practices and design, the more people will love it, or hate it... as long as it's what you want, embrace those that embrace your concept, and ignore those that just can't accept it...
I have seen a "T-Bucket" looking type roadster built from a Jeep body in a magazine a few years ago...I thought it looked really good, Your right, Different.
Go for it, stop putting it off, ya only live sooo long ya know !:D "BH"

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