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The Car That Ate My Brain


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Check it out guys? Started with a 77 Sunset Strip Show (1958?) showing Kookie driving a T-Bucket . First T on TV?

[ame="[media=youtube]g4bMyrKxRdQ[/media]"]YouTube - THE CAR THAT ATE MY BRAIN![/ame]
i remember sittin' 3 feet away from the tv evreytime sunset strip was on hoping to see more of that great car. can't do that any moer, bifocals now and inability to get up to get something to eat during the commercials.

I was 15 years old in 1958 when that show came on TV and immediately fell in love with Kookies car. I vowed to have one and began my build 10 years later in 1968. I've had the car for 40 years now and have changed about every part on it too many times :)
LOL, in 1960, when I was 12, me and my best buddy wrote a script for a 77 Sunset Strip episode. Our parents said it was very good and we should send it in, which we did. We never heard anything back, of course, but to this day, I believe an episode they did about a year later was based on our script.
i seen movie a long time ago that was about a bunch of teens in high school... i cant remember the name of it, but the boy that was starring in the show, drove a T...

movie was in black and white.
We didn't get 77 Sunset Strip where I lived , only had one tv channel back then. The movie "The Lively Set" is what did it for me as far as T-Buckets went. I think the T was Tommy Ivo's car, anyone know about the roadster? The Chrysler experimental turbine car appears in the movie also. Hope the links work.
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[ame=[media=youtube]ycFQ2cN7Oyo[/media] - The Lively Set.1[/ame]

[ame=[media=youtube]q2Z9tIMC2Ac[/media] - The Lively Set.2[/ame]
Neeto T, but not Ivo's
Mike in ep
Those two videos sure brought back some great memories.
mike's right tv tommy's bucket was a '15 front half of a touring. this bucket is the front of a early '20's dodge touring. rummer has it when doug mcclure first saw the dodge he almost took a walk. after the filming was finished he offered good bucks for the car but the owner wouldn't sell.

thanks for posting it WDP. i just finished watching it for the third time!!

Cool vid! I've got it saved from a while back on YouTube. 1960... I was a squirt runnin' around with a load in my diaper!:lol: I would have really messed up the seats!:lol:
Okay, the "Lively Set" vids KICKED BUTT!:D DAMN I NEEDED THAT!

Now, ain't there something not right with a guy in a suit tearing up a hot rod!? Well, unless he's wearing a tuxedo. Right, Rick?;)
That was Joe Parenello's? car from the San Deigo Prowlers club. No one knows whatever happened to it. Beautiful Dodge!
Sorry guys, I had to bump this puppy up so I could find it.
Mike in ep

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