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The T's first race meeting of 2008

andy fadster

New Member
Well, I was out racing last weekend at Shakespeare County Raceway, which is in Stratford upon Avon, England. You may have seen some clips and photos of my ride in the intro and photo section but this seems a better place to let you all know how I went on.

Well the weather was pretty atrocious with mist coming across the midlands flatlands and clouds closing could taste the moisture in the air. The T had been given a small thrashing up the motorway prior to being trailered to the race event and was feeling really strong.


The saturday was the qualifying runs with the racing taking place on sunday. My best time during qualifying was a 10.6 @128, which wasn't too shabby with the track conditions. The track crew had decided not to glue the track so traction and mid track preparation was poor at best. The best qualifying ET was 10.06 @147 laid down by a real bad ass 1970 firebird which boasts 1150 bhp and 15 inches of mickey T on each side, being a properly prepared race car helps too I suppose.


The runs were wild to say the least and I didn't get the opportunity to really give the transbrake any hard work, the 10.6 run being my best of the weekend. I managed to get to the semis where I was taken out by another firebird, another 1000 hp machine which again had been given full race car preparation.

I was real happy with the way the T performed and was delighted when the track announcer decribed the T as a fuel altered....not bad for a street driven hot rod with racecar pretentions.

Racing again mid may but lots of cruises and runs to go to before that...incidentally, the T is now running 250 shot of nitrous so that should liven things up a bit !!!!

Relaxing afterwards with a small beer is always helpful after a full days madness........

Awesome account of your adventure at the track! Your FUEL ALTERED carried itself very well.:)
Nice Andy :clap:
Mind posting some specs on your ride??

Would love to know how much boost your running and your compression ratio. HP estimate?? Tranny??

Good RUN!!

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