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Thread gone?

I did make a suggestion NOT to buy Speedways stops and to just use old tall chrome lug nuts from old deep mag wheels. Hope I didn't cause anyone loss of a sale??
On Ford spindles, set the king pin key with the stock nut and washer, then you can add washers for a little more lenght or go to a lug nut if you need more. I have also seen the contact spot on the spindle shimmed up with a piece of roud stock tig welded to it.
They were asking about aftermarket axles with just the little 1/4" set screw to hold the kingpin in place. Got any ideas on a steering stop for those??
Most ofthe ones I've seen don't have them. I'm thinking a small triangle welded to the back side of the king pin boss might work. I'll check it out tomorrow.
I stopped at a friends house today after work to check out his Car. It has a MAS tube axle under it. I don't think it would be aproblem adding a stop to the king pin boss on the axle. A well shaped piece of 1/4" would probably do the trick.

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