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They would definitely work. I'm not sure what the M20A compound is but they would probably last longer if you only drove them on dirt......real fast and sideways.
That tire's kinda short, soft and NOT D.O.T. but will they work on the back of a bucket??? Yes.

There are a few guys running NON-DOT Dirt Track tires (Blown T and RPM off the top of my head) and they can tell you about driving on the street.

I CAN tell you that they last about twenty laps.


They're only a couple inches taller (diameter) than the fronts.

You want the BIGGUNS like a Hoosier 105 (which can actually fluctuate to somewhere around 108" in circumference).

Like these

Right rears and left rears beside 'em.


piles and piles of tires and tires


Mounted on the right rear


Gonna take some W-I-D-E rims too. 15" - 18" should work.

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