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To Continue Receiving Site Mailings


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OK, I've just eliminated an ongoing problem I've been fighting for years. However, it will require you to take action, if you want to continue receiving site mailings, such as Private Conversation messages, Watched Thread messages, etc.

One of the guidelines of this site is that all members must maintain a valid and working e-mail address associated with their member accounts. Time and again, I've requested everyone take the time to verify their associated e-mail address meets these simple qualifications. With little effect.

This morning, I sent an e-mail to all members who have visited the site in the last 24 months, to notify everyone of the change to XenForo software. That amounted to nearly 2,000 e-mails being sent. Within 10 minutes, I had 180 bounced messages sitting in my Inbox. :mad:

I ran a query on the database, which set all members option to receive site mailings to NO. Which means you will receive none of the site mailings you have been getting, without taking these steps.


Step 1. Hover your mouse over your username, on the right side of the NavBar. Click on Contact Details.


Step 2. Check the e-mail address you have entered. Is it correct? If it is, move to Step 3. If it is not correct, enter a valid and working address in that field. Then click the Save button, indicated by the lower arrow.


Step 3. On the same page, look in the left sidecolumn. Under Contact Details, click on Privacy.


Step 4. Tick the checkbox indicated by the upper arrow, at Receive site mailings. Then click on the Save button, indicated by the lower arrow.

Your ability to receive e-mail notifications will then be restored.

If you change Internet Service Providers, please remember to edit your contact details. This is your responsibility, to ensure this information is always correct.
If you are one of the members who had an invalid e-mail address, disregard this post. :whistling:

Everyone else, if you're tired of seeing that notice at the top of the screen, you can dismiss it.


Just hover your mouse over the upper-right corner of the notice and click to dismiss it.

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