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todd close body

and really close to Ron. I bet he is watching this one, he has been very quiet lately, hmmm. I've got it on watch now.
The guy only has 1 feedback score and its over a year old. Might be a trust issue.
Another problem could be, in one area it says free shipping and in the description it says pick up only!!!!!:confused:
this body in it's current state could be a builder. it's better suited for parts though. the owner has posted here on the site a couple of times. he also has a frame that was a prototype for the plans that can be found here on the site. the front end is done but the 8" mav rear end and hair pins needs to be set up yet. the pickup box is a MAS item with '53 Buick tail lights and a pair of accent hinges.

the body could be saved, but it would take some work and another cowl. there are several large bore bullet holes in it too. has the normal rust at the bottom.

long story short. it's mine now.

Now I thought

that Ron (aka youngster) would have been all over this...



eBay Motors: Ford : Model T (item 110310085441 end time Nov-16-08 18:00:00 PST)

If I had the money I'd buy this and send it right over to youngster to build me a frame!

One of Harry Kennedy 's last works of metal art!!
Re: Now I thought

WOW, that's soooooo sweet!! i know of a '34 packard chassis that would look great under that. big bore I8 to go under that long hood. 20 something inch wire wheels and all. awesome Al!!!

Re: Now I thought

According to the listing...

... This body was made to fit a late T chassis, cowl is formed to fit later style T Firewall, likewise with the hood-radiator fit...

5 days left to go, currently at $1,560... Wish like all get out my wife didn't get laid off 5 months ago... dang it! :sad:
Re: Now I thought

the '27 body is going to end up as a parts piece for a roadster, my mod and a roadster pick up. won't be much left then. i'll keep it though. you never know what's around the corner.

Al, that's a spin off of a Murrey speedster. back in the da, you bought that part and took it to a fab shop with any chassis you wanted. most were built with T chassis because they were all over and cheap. these guys were the hotrodders of the day. i've seen everything from T's to packards, to maxwells, to hudsons used under them.would be a fun project for sure, hint, hint.

Re: Now I thought

Good to see somebody here won that.
I got the 'glass box the same guy was selling.

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