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Total Performance out of business??????


Just read on another forum that some big changes have taken place at Total Performance. Some say Speedway bought out TP and is closing the locations, and some say Mickey is now using the KING T name and has moved to Florida. It seems the rumors might be true because some say they talked to Brian and he is looking for work,and another guy posted that he is the company who did all their fiberglass molding and he was ordered to stop production. Supposedly the Conn location is gone.

I went by Mickey booth at Turkey Run and was a little disturbed to see the quality of two fiberglass bodies he had stacked on display. The parting lines were really bad and to me they looked pretty rough. I have never been a real fan of his bodies (too thin in my opinion) but these were as bad as I have seen from some of the vendors who crop up from time to time at shows.

Anyone know more about what is going on???

Read my post Don i talked to Brian for about an hour.

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